Khloe Kardashian Rumors

Choreographing celebrations can help. Frye says players now are more into designing original handshakes. The Jumbotron can provide entertainment, too. “Everyone pays attention to the half-court shots and the dancing grandmas,” Frye says. He even acknowledges players are open to discussing a woman they spot in the stands, though his teammate Tristan Thompson made it clear that’s not an activity he partakes in. “No, I got a girl, so I ain’t looking at a girl,” Thompson says, referring to his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian. “I ain’t getting my ass knocked out. I’m taken, so I’m good. I ain’t got nothing to look at.”
Khloe Kardashian is pregnant. The reality star confirmed Wednesday on Instagram that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. She included a photo of her pregnant belly with the post. The 33-year-old Kardashian said she is “thankful, excited, nervous, eager, overjoyed and scared all in one” and called the pregnancy “my greatest dream realized.”
What did the Lakers say when they heard about the show? Any concerns expressed? LaVar Ball: “What did the Lakers say? They don’t got to ask me nothing. I ain’t going to ask them nothing. This thing got nothing to do with the Lakers. This is what my boys and my family do. What we do, on the outside. “As long as he [Lonzo] produce on that court and do what he suppose to do…this is what people get caught up on. ‘Oh shoot! Lamar Odom started dating Khloe Kardashian.’