Kiki Vandeweghe Rumors

VanDeWeghe did say that he examined the screens set by Olynyk to see if anything the Celtics big man did merited any additional discipline. But, after looking at them, he decided that wasn’t necessary. “No, there wasn’t,” VanDeWeghe said. “I looked at those plays, I looked at them with the referees, consulted with the replay center, looked at a bunch of different angles. They were hard screens and the offensive foul was proper [amount of discipline] in this situation.”
Sources say that Kolokotronis saw Divac’s predecessors in management, Pete D’Alessandro and Chris Mullin, as driven by self-interest and prone to cracking on Ranadive on background to the media. League sources say that after the NBA’s vice president of basketball operations Kiki Vandeweghe declined an offer from the team following general manager D’Alessandro’s departure in June 2015, the Kings turned to Divac in the name of finding someone who would be loyal to Ranadive at a moment when the franchise’s favorability ratings needed a boost.
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It’s hard to prove, but most coaches and front-office executives agree defenses get away with a little more bump-and-grind than in the mid-2000s — when the NBA was obsessed with creating a more viewer-friendly game. The league has heard the concerns, and is monitoring the hand-check stuff. “That area is tough — the freedom of movement, especially away from the ball,” Vandeweghe said. “It’s tough for referees to watch everything. But I think we’ve found a good balance.” (As an aside, Vandeweghe confirmed the controversial last-two-minute reports aren’t going anywhere. In fact, he said the NBA would “probably” start releasing full game reports at some point.)
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“We spent a long time over two meetings looking at what I would just call unnatural acts,” VanDeWeghe said. “What came out was looking at, ‘What’s a natural movement in basketball? What’s a natural reaction in basketball?’ And then looking out for the safety of our players. Is an arm flail or a leg kick a natural act? And they were judged by not natural acts, depending on the severity, the angle, things like that. And is it an appropriate (reaction) to a foul or a fall, or things like that? Most of these are done to draw the attention of the referees. We noticed an uptick in these last year, and they needed to be addressed by the competition committee.”