Kurt Rambis Rumors

The back-and-forth between Anthony, Hornacek and Rambis in March was but one example of the instability that plagued the 2016-17 Knicks. It typified a divide caused by some players’ lack of faith in the defensive game plan under associate head coach Rambis and Hornacek’s use of the triangle offense, according to sources.
5 months ago via ESPN
“There is more of (the triangle). I couldn’t give you a percentage,” Hornacek said. “But it’s definitely more.” Hornacek said the reason behind reinstalling the triangle was to help the floundering defense, which was placed under the direction of Rambis early in the season. In other words, the answer to fixing is the defense is more. …triangle.
While slamming Dolan as the “constant” in the Knicks “chaos,” Woj also ripped Jackson, now in his third season as GM. “That’s what’s been the constant, that the level of chaos that’s gone on there, the constant’s been the owner. So you’re back to, again, Phil Jackson with Jeff Hornack ‘Well I want you to run the triangle’ or ‘You’ve got to keep Kurt Rambis who I really wanted as the head coach. He’s got to be your defensive coordinator.’”