Lakers Rumors

Jamal Crawford: And basically, Kobe’s done that for every single shot in basketball. He’s thought about every different angle on the court. He’s mastered his arsenal to where he has two counters to everything. Sometimes three. With his footwork, he can get any shot he wants. Some people do it off the dribble, Kobe’s doing it with his feet. He’s doing it at closer range to the basket. He’s doing it with his back towards you. Then he’s fading away with that footwork. He’s stepping around you, or putting you in a position where you’re hopping in the air. It’s kind of like Olajuwon. He had the Dream Shake.
Scott acknowledges the rivalry has declined over the years, despite the teams’ meeting in the 2008 and 2010 Finals. Bryant is the lone player remaining on his team from either of those two series. “It’s probably more of a rivalry with Danny [Ainge] and me than the guys in the locker room,” Scott said. “I’m sure he’s saying if we don’t win another game this year, let’s beat them. The guys in the locker room, they probably don’t understand the history of the rivalry between these two franchises, and that’s unfortunate.” Asked whether he could coach the Celtics if the job was ever offered: “Probably not. Serious. Probably not. Coached or played for them. I couldn’t be like Rick Fox [who played for both teams].”
The more time has passed after Howard’s July 5 decision to sign with Houston, the more the dirty laundry that was mostly kept quiet about their ill-fated season together in Laker Land is aired out for all to see and hear by way of the media. Yet Bryant, whose presence and personality played such a big part in Howard’s decision not to return, wasn’t about to continue that trend. “I think he’ll have a great year,” Bryant said of Howard. “He’s always very determined to be more of an offensive player. Here in Houston he’ll have the opportunity to do that. He always wanted to compete with some of the all-time greats, the Chamberlains and Shaqs and Olajuwons and so forth. This year should be the year where he starts putting up those kind of numbers — 25, 26 (points per game), stuff like that.”