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Skipper has had a similar effect on Carmelo. As the face of the Knicks, Anthony has had to deal with one off-court drama after another. All of it can get frustrating, to be sure. But Carmelo said recently that he and his wife’s relationship with “Superman Anthony” helps keep things in perspective. “It makes me at peace, and it actually helps me playing basketball to be honest with you,” he says. “It puts everything in perspective, because I’m a part of a situation where nothing is promised.” Nothing is promised with Skipper, but he has shown signs of significant improvement.
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Initially, Young was told her son would be in a semi-vegetative state for the rest of his life and that he’d need a respirator to breathe. Skipper has since weaned off the ventilator for half of the day; doctors are pleased with his progress. “With time and therapy we pray he’ll be speaking one day,” Young says. On some afternoons, Skipper gets a visit from a physical therapist. Sometimes a respiratory aide stops by to make sure his lungs are clear. Those are the good days. They’re even better, of course, when he can hear those two familiar voices on the phone. “You can always tell when he hears [La La and Carmelo]. It’s amazing,” Young says. “And honestly, without them being involved, he may not have gotten this far.”
3 months ago via ESPN
“We tried to convey to him, the city of Los Angeles, what it brings to elite athletes, and what we could do to support him,” Worthy said of the meeting, during which the Lakers reportedly offered Melo a four-year, $95 million contract. “I told Carmelo, I said, I wish your wife were here because she’s more popular than you in Los Angeles. We’re trying to recruit her, because if you can get LaLa, Carmelo has no say-so. So, we’re trying to get her to Hollywood. Hollywood is right here. She can do whatever she wants,” Worthy told SLAM.
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“I did notice during the game Melo and Kevin were jawing a lot at each other,’’ she writes. “But that’s basketball, the heat of the game. I really didn’t think anything of it. But when Melo went to have words with him, I knew it had to be more than an in-game beef. I asked Melo about it and all he said was that Kevin said things you shouldn’t stay to a person you have a friendship with or respect for. [Melo] told him I’m not some rookie. We’ve been in this league a while together so don’t treat me the way you’d treat a rookie. I’m sure the words were a little stronger than that but that was the gist of what Melo said back to Kevin.’’