Larry Bird Rumors

Ainge fondly remembers his outburst against the Celtics on Dec. 27, 1989. He made 12 of 21 shots, made all 13 free throws, and added six rebounds and nine assists. Ainge acknowledges he wanted payback for the trade, but he still laments the fact that the Kings lost the game, 115-112, in overtime, as Bird nearly matched Ainge with 37 points. “The best way for me to explain it is, I grew up with two older brothers that I looked up to that were both very good players,” said Ainge. “Playing against them was always a source of pride. I sort of felt that way when I was playing against Kevin and Larry and Robert and D.J. [Dennis Johnson]. I felt like I was playing against my older brothers when you want to show them that you’ve got it. I remember being very excited and having a great game.”
Stephenson was open to a reunion with team president Larry Bird and star player George. But the Pacers were not willing to offer Stephenson much money or a guaranteed contract. “I talked to them, but it just didn’t work out,” Stephenson said of Bird and the Pacers. “Right now, I’m here (with the Pelicans) and the biggest thing is trying to fit in with this group and help this team win.”