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At the end of an otherwise dispiriting conversation, Hammond mentioned casually that he was leaving town the next day. “Where are you going?” I asked. “Greece,” he said. Memories of the trip have become blurred in the recounting: Antetokounmpo’s coach, idling outside the gym on a scooter, smoking a cigarette; Antetokounmpo’s teammates, nearly twice his age, coming straight to pregame warmups from their day jobs; Antetokounmpo’s parents, sitting high in the stands, as their beanstalk son deftly ran the point for Filathlitikos in the Greek second division. Hammond flashed back to a line that coach Larry Brown once told him. “For some people the game goes 110 miles per hour. For others, it goes 70.” Afterward Antetokounmpo’s Greek agents drove Hammond through Athens. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to this guy,” the GM said from the backseat. “But his life is about to change in a major way.”
Larry Brown, the Brooklyn-born Basketball Hall of Famer, is telling pals he wants to become the coach of the East Hampton HS varsity hoops team. Brown has a house in East Hampton and, at 76, no longer likes the travel involved with the NBA, or with college basketball, for that matter. “He always said he wanted to end his career coaching high-school basketball. I think it’s tremendous,” Peter Vecsey, who covered the NBA for The Post, told me.
Here’s the full transcript of Iverson’s response in the video above from “That’s the only thing that got me here, my teammates and my coaches. That’s the only reason I’m here. All those guys sacrificed their games and sacrificed different things for me to be honored like this. Without them, it wouldn’t have happened. “Without my coaches putting me in a position to succeed, Mike Bailey did it, my high school level, coach Thompson did it, college level. And Larry Brown molded me into an MVP and a Hall of Fame player. Without those guys, I wouldn’t be here. I didn’t do this by myself, man. There was so many people, so many fans that came in there and cheered for me night in and night out, and so many people supported me and believed in me. They made it so easy for me to believe in myself because I didn’t want to let them down. I wanted my fans and my family and my friends to be proud of me, so it was easy for me to go out there night in and night out.”
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Stephon Marbury (2004 Olympian, USA): To me it was simple: they picked the wrong coach at the time. Jefferson: Obviously it’s well documented the Stephon Marbury-Larry Brown situation with the Knicks, and that started with the USA team. Everybody knows about Larry Brown and Allen Iverson. So there was a lot of conflict on that team.
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