Larry Coon Rumors

A financial riddle stumped officials in one NBA team’s front office. It concerned the league’s byzantine legalese regarding the salary cap. They needed help, fast. One official phoned the league office, seeking clarity. Another inspected the text of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, a canon of lawyerly jargon as comprehensible as Sanskrit. Then, another official surfed to an exhaustively detailed online FAQ about the NBA labor deal authored by Larry Coon, a 49-year-old information technology director at UC Irvine. Coon laughed as he shared this anecdote. His list of NBA sources spans across the league’s 30 teams, all because he explains something most deem unexplainable: the NBA salary cap. “You’re the reason I have a job,” one NBA general manager told him.
Within the NBA, his work is appreciated. “It helps us because the more educated the fans are on the vehicles that you need to get things accomplished, the more they have realistic expectations,” said Neil Olshey, the Clippers’ vice president of basketball operations. For all the time he puts into his FAQ, Coon neither wants nor expects a dime in return; he doesn’t even have advertisements on his simply designed site. It’s a hobby to him, an entity free of commercial interest, and he wants to keep it like that.