Latvia Rumors

Kristaps Porzingis is a national treasure and he’s not even from our nation. Phil Jackson nearly scared him away, but with Jackson gone, Porzingis may return to the New York Knicks next season. In the meantime he’s crushing it in the weight room and making more delightful commercials. Earlier this year he made one for an airline with a ferret where he said he had a ferret. His acting chops were apparent back then, but you don’t know how truly talented an actor is until you see him speak without speaking as Porzingis does in this Latvian credit card commercial.
Jeremy Schaap is host and traveled last June to the seacoast village of Liepaja to spend time with Porzingis, his brothers and his parents. Footage was filmed in the house where he grew up (his parents still live there) and the Baltic Sea beach minutes away at which the 7-foot-3 forward spent relaxing times despite military detritus left over from World War II. “He’s the most famous Latvian in the world,’’ Schaap told The Post. “From what I could tell in my few days there, they take a lot of pride in him.”