Law Rumors

Laura Rosario, manager at Ring of Fire downtown, said when customers ask for a Spurs-related tattoo, artists give them a heads up. Usually, she told, locals are already aware of the connection and will ask for a Spurs tattoo in a less visible place. “We won’t put it on someone’s neck or face or further down their arm where someone could see it and assume they’re associated with that gang,” she said. “We try to make sure that they know.”
A Bexar County deputy, speaking on condition of anonymity, said San Antonio serves as the “motherland” for the Tango Orejon gang. “This is where they come from. Of course, we are going to have a bigger impact from them knowing that this gang is so notorious within the prison,” they said. Photos from inside the Bexar County Jail show how gang members incorporate the Spurs symbol into their markings.