Law Rumors

Good news for NBA TV’s Kristen Ledlow — cops have recovered the red Corvette that was stolen from her at gunpont … TMZ Sports has learned. The Atlanta PD tells us … the incident all went down Saturday around 3:15 PM — when Ledlow pulled up to her apartment complex and “2 black males who exited from a silver newer model sedan” were waiting for her. Cops say one of the suspects pointed a gun at Ledlow and took her car — a 2016 red Corvette.
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have officially signed off on their divorce, and all that’s left is a judge’s John Hancock … TMZ has learned. Khloe and Lamar have reached a property settlement and each has now signed legal docs that were filed Friday. It’s been an on-again/off-again process. TMZ broke the story, Khloe first filed for divorce in December 2013, but the divorce stagnated for almost 2 years while Khloe went back and forth, trying at times to save their relationship and save Lamar.
As a stark contrast to teammate Joakim Noah, who implied the rape accuser was only out for money, Rose even expressed sympathy for the 30-year-old Jane Doe. “(I feel a) little bit (vindicated) but at the same time there was another person that was involved in this so if anything I’ve just been praying for myself and praying for her because the issue is very big in the States and everywhere,” Rose said. “So just praying for everyone that was involved and knowing that all this is out of my control. The only thing I could work on is being a better person, being a better dad, brother, cousin, uncle, being the best I could be so I could help others.”
Storyline: Derrick Rose Case
Rose said he maintained a workout regimen while on trial in L.A., and was eased mentally by the support from the Knicks. “I was talking to them along the way, every day, talking to if not Phil (Jackson), Steve (Mills), Joakim, some of the other players that reached out,” Rose said, “just letting me know that there was concern, wanting me back, so that took a lot of pressure off to ease my mind a little bit and just let me know that while I was working out, out there, I had to go harder because looking at some of the (preseason) games, it was looking like we were playing good basketball at some periods of the game, at certain times during the game and that excited me a little bit.”