Leslie Alexander Rumors

Alexander declined to give any detail beyond he was “upset … really upset.” Rockets guard James Harden said he didn’t see his owner get up. “He did that?” a surprised Harden said after the game. “He’s the coolest guy. I would have helped him.”
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
MD: Well, I was lucky, first of all, for Daryl and [Rockets owner Leslie] Alexander to pick me as a coach. Their philosophies match up with mine, and we can, now we can go on, all-in, and once you have that, there’s no doubts anywhere. It’s not like “Well, maybe we took too many 3s, maybe we should post-up.” That doubt doesn’t filter onto the players. This is how we’re playing, this is where we’re good, and now let’s do it at 100 percent. So yeah, Daryl’s been instrumental in what we do. Just giving me confidence with numbers and showing why, yeah, that works. So, yeah, it was super that we were able to hook up here in Houston.
1 week ago via ESPN