Leslie Alexander Rumors

Morey continues to insist that it was as much Alexander’s ideas as his own. “From the moment I interviewed here, to the people that were here before, like Dennis Lindsey (now the Jazz GM), and Rudy (Tomjanovich), they’ll tell you this is how he always felt like basketball should be played,” Morey said. “Obviously, I agreed with him, and we’ve been working towards that.” It’s not hard to find the genesis of Alexander’s philosophy. His Rockets won back to back titles in the Grab-and-Clutch era of the NBA in 1994 and ’95, leading league in 3-point attempts both seasons.
“It was probably one of the toughest decisions of my life, just to not go to Rio, but … I wanted to make a conscious effort to be here and be with Daryl and Mr. Alexander and Tad Brown on who we can get in this locker room to help me for this upcoming season,” said Harden, who won gold with Team USA at the Olympics in 2012 and FIBA World Cup in 2014. “If I was to go to Rio and we didn’t get anybody and had the same year as last year, it wouldn’t have been good.”