Lionel Hollins Rumors

“The main thing when you’re looking for a job is finding somebody that allows you to be you and lets you coach as you coach. If you’re successful, great. If you’re not, get rid of him. But the micromanaging, the meddling of who should play and how you should talk to this guy and how you should talk to the media, what you should say or shouldn’t say because how it looks for the organization versus just speaking the truth. Those things weigh on you when you spend so much time trying to massage everybody instead of just coaching,” Hollins said. “I think for me, a coach is the guy in charge. His relationship is the most important with the players. I think GMs have tried and wanted to be closer with the players, the marketing people want to be closer with the players and they want to sell and they want the players to feel good about their experience. The only experience you can feel good about in this league is winning. And having success. Losing and being marketed will never make you feel good.”
Mike Mazzeo: Impending free agent Grizzlies PG Mike Conley on the Nets firing his former coach Lionel Hollins and it potentially impacting his decision to possibly sign with Brooklyn over the summer: “It’s tough but at the same time like I said I’ll give everybody their fair shot. Lionel being here obviously was a big reason to look (at Brooklyn) but still at the same time with him gone I’ll give everybody the same look.” The Nets have an obvious need at PG and could go into free agency with around $40 million in cap space.
Storyline: Mike Conley Free Agency