Lionel Hollins Rumors

Mike Mazzeo: Impending free agent Grizzlies PG Mike Conley on the Nets firing his former coach Lionel Hollins and it potentially impacting his decision to possibly sign with Brooklyn over the summer: “It’s tough but at the same time like I said I’ll give everybody their fair shot. Lionel being here obviously was a big reason to look (at Brooklyn) but still at the same time with him gone I’ll give everybody the same look.” The Nets have an obvious need at PG and could go into free agency with around $40 million in cap space.
Storyline: Mike Conley Free Agency
Guard Shane Larkin pointed to a more fun, less-stressful atmosphere. “It’s been good. [Brown has] freed everybody up to go play basketball,” Larkin said. “It’s not a lot of stress out there, just go try to have fun, play hard, play with energy. Just go play, that’s what he’s preaching, so that’s what we’re doing. “We were in a little funk. The season hasn’t gone how anybody on the team has wanted it to go.