Lionel Hollins Rumors

Hollins however would not commit to a system, a style of play. That he said depends on what he sees from his players, 19 of whom are healthy. “I don’t have a system,” Hollins said. “Everybody thinks I have a damn system. I don’t have a system. I look at what we have as a group and I try to put together something that fits the group, and sometimes it works, and sometimes you have to move and change and go to a different system. But I don’t have a system.”
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But Nets coach Lionel Hollins isn’t one to waste time pretending, and had no trouble admitting he’s heard the many people who have said this summer the Nets are going to take a significant step backward in the upcoming season. “I see it, [and] I laugh,” Hollins said. “What do they do? They go in and take each player’s numbers, put them in a group and that puts us at the bottom of the NBA. But that’s in the past. Whatever anybody did good last year is still in the past, and whatever anybody did bad last year is still in the past. “Now we’re here, and everybody has to go out and obviously you can’t have the same numbers as an individual. You hope they’d be better. But we still have our core guys. … I’m pleased and I’m excited.”
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The Nets coach sent a letter to Rachael Ray, asking the talk show host — whose show Hollins watches on a regular basis — for help trying to get back in shape. And, after appearing on the show in July to announce he was going on a diet, Hollins appeared again last week to give an update on his progress. It was so successful — Hollins went from 240 down to 218 — that he’s now going to continue on the diet to try to lose at least another 10 pounds over the next few weeks. “Before I was out of [coaching for the 2013-14 season], I was about 225,” Hollins said last week after taping the show, which will air in New York Friday at 10 a.m. on Channel 7. “And then I ballooned up doing nothing. So I got the letter to her.”
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