Los Angeles Rumors

Basketball Hall of Famer Jerry West, who engineered the trade two decades ago that brought Kobe Bryant to the Los Angeles Lakers, said on Monday it has been painful to watch the struggling 17-time NBA All-Star play this season. Bryant, enduring by far his worst season since entering the National Basketball Association in 1996, announced on Sunday he will retire at the end of the season. “It has been painful for me to watch him,” West said in a telephone interview. “It bothers me. A lot of people will remember him for how he’s playing now. I won’t.”
Quinn Cook admits that he had a fiery temper as an teen. He was typically the shortest kid among his peers and used his cranky disposition as a defense mechanism. Ted, on the other hand, viewed his son’s demeanor as something that could possibly lead to his destruction. Quinn would find out how serious his pop’s concerns were. When he was 11, his dad informed him that he had purchased a pair of tickets to attend the 2004 NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Ted was a die-hard hometown Cavaliers fan, but also rooted for the Los Angeles Lakers. In college, he pledged Omega Psi Phi Que Dogs, which dons the same colors as the Lakers. It would be one memorable weekend. “Ah man. I still remember,” Quinn recalls. “LeBron and D-Wade were there. Man, I was excited.”
Webster is planning to meet with the rest of the team in Los Angeles, where they’ll stage a mini-camp before the actual training camp begins next month. “I think I fit in just well. We’ve got our little mini-camp coming up in Los Angeles on the 16th through the 19th where we’ll get to go in and build that comradery and start that chemistry early before we report back in September, and ultimately for training camp in October. This is to get a gauge on teammates, kind of open up and try to build something very special before we go into the season.”