Madison Square Garden Rumors

Most take place in the video room at the team’s training facility; a few have taken place on the practice court and at least one has been in the locker room at Madison Square Garden. All are led by an instructor hired by Jackson. “It’s very basic stuff that you really don’t think about much in your daily life,” Jason Smith says. “…. You try to focus on the well-being of your body and taking care of your body and doing the right things.” Mindfulness is a form of meditation that stresses the importance of staying in the moment. It’s most closely associated with Eastern religions. Jackson’s affinity for the practice is one of the reasons he’s commonly known as the “Zen Master.”
The NBA made some noise during its All-Star festivities this past weekend when it became the first major sport to embrace virtual reality. But across the street from the main event happening at Madison Square Garden, there was an ancillary event that offered fans a whole different type of immersion: a playable life-size half court made of LED screens created by Nike’s Jordan brand for its 30th anniversary. It was an NBA holodeck, and I had to try it.
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Evans said Vanchiro had been behaving erratically since being ejected from Madison Square Garden on Dec. 2, when the Nets faced the Knicks. Video taken from the stands showed Vanchiro, who lost the lower part of his left leg in an accident several years ago, being carried out of the arena by multiple security guards. In the videos, which were widely shared in the news media that night and in the following days, Vanchiro is missing his prosthetic left leg, which he said that he had removed during an exchange with the security guards. “After that, he was a completely different person,” Evans said. “He was paranoid. He was erratic. He was frightened. He was horrified. He was a bit delusional. He was having a lot of trouble sleeping. He couldn’t sleep at all. When he would sleep, or try to sleep, it would only take about 10 or 15 minutes before he would jump up screaming covered in sweat.”
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