Marc Eversley Rumors

Joining us at dinner were Raptors assistant general manager Marc Eversley, Knicks head of West Coast scouting Mark Hughes and Madagascar’s national team coach Angel Manzano, a Spanish import who finds himself with one of the toughest basketball-related jobs in the world. Angel led much of the conversation as he regaled us with story after story of what it’s like to try revamping one of the world’s weakest national basketball programs. When Angel arrived to coach the men’s senior team two years ago, he had no facilities, no shoes, no uniforms. In fact, he didn’t even have uniforms for the 2011 Afrobasket championship taking place in his adopted home country until he pulled some strings with a U.S.-based uniform maker to send him 25 reversible jerseys on the house. And per diem for his players? Angel managed to get them a whopping $1.50 US per day … during tournament play only.
Could it be that an otherwise dreary 22-win season has been the setting for a double-cross worthy of the bloodiest Shakespearean tragedy? Could Eversley be engineering a backstabbing coup? The answer, multiple NBA sources will tell you, is a resounding no. Eversley, 41, has carved out a reputation as a hard-working Colangelo loyalist who one day hopes to climb higher in the NBA ranks, but it’s well understood around the franchise that he currently wouldn’t be in line to succeed Colangelo as GM. In a league in which relationships are currency, crossing Colangelo, an NBA lifer whose father, Jerry, is one of the game’s most influential and respected power brokers, would amount to self-induced career bankruptcy
To the contrary, sources say Eversley, who declined to comment, has made good-faith attempts to sell Colangelo’s rebuilding plan on Silvestri, who is said by sources to have voiced disdain for both Bryan Colangelo’s record and his nepotistic advantages. And Eversley isn’t the GM’s only in-house supporter. Larry Tanenbaum, the club’s minority owner and chairman, is a Colangelo fan. Richard Peddie, the CEO, has voiced affirmation for Colangelo’s rebuilding efforts. Still, Silvestri and Teachers’ hold sway at 40 Bay St., and so the regular season will end Wednesday night with many of the club’s key suits staring at foggy futures.