Marc Lasry Rumors

And so, on Friday night, Lasry will get his wish and suit up for Team USA for the annual celebrity game (7 p.m. ET, ESPN) in Toronto. Last year, Memphis Grizzlies owner Robert Pera played in the exhibition and impressed, making 5 of 6 shots and even throwing down a dunk in warm-ups. Pera, though, was 36 at the time. Lasry is 55. Pera is also very dedicated to basketball, having an indoor replica of the Grizzlies floor installed at a gym attached to his house. Lasry plays tennis three times a week but only plays pick-up basketball once a month or so.
It would make sense if Lasry, knowing he’s preparing to play on national television against players 20 to 30 younger, some of whom are former pros, was in some sort of training regimen or had hired a special coach. But he insists that is not the case. “I wish I was playing rope-a-dope, but it’s not even close,” Lasry said. “I emailed Chauncey [Billups, who will be a teammate], and I told him he’s got to get me the ball. My view is they’ll give me plenty of shots.”
That arena deal is not yet in place, even though Bucks owners have promised $150 million and Kohl pledged $100 million, and they’re counting on state, city and county government to contribute the remaining half for a $500 million downtown arena. But getting public funding for pro sports buildings is a drawn-out political process, difficult to navigate and not always popular. Team executives are more than hopeful a new arena will be built, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently said he is confident an arena deal will be reached. Last week, the Bucks released an artist’s renderings of all-purpose arena in a new sports and entertainment district. No site has been chosen for the arena, but there is available land north of the Bradley Center. It’s a logical location.