Mark Cuban Rumors

Mark Cuban is no stranger to controversy and entrepreneurship. So I suppose it should be no surprise when the Dallas Mavericks owner tells me of his admiration for the father of top NBA Draft prospect Lonzo Ball. “I’m kind of liking his dad,” Cuban tells me. “He is an entrepreneur. He is creating a company from scratch, which isn’t ever easy. I like it.”
“I’m never going to stop trying,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said in an e-mail Friday. “One sprained ankle changes everything.” There may be a split here between fans, many of whom believe in a Manifest Destiny for their perspective squads, and people that are in the business and have to figure out the best and most cost-effective way to compete with the Cavs and Warriors. It will not be easy. But it is not undoable.
Despite lackluster competition throughout the final, the NBA will enter the summer as an ascendant league, a cultural and global giant created through progressive marketing and aggressive social media. In a culture growing more individualistic, the NBA has employed non-restrictive policies on sharing video online and exposing its players’ personalities. While the NFL restricts the use of video highlights and markets teams and the league over players, the NBA has made up ground among millennials. Some in the NBA believe it could eventually surpass the NFL as America’s dominant sports league. “Can I foresee it?” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wrote in an email. “Yes.”