Mark Cuban Rumors

In the past, Mark Cuban has indicated an interest in running for president, including at a celebrity game during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in February, when he playfully wore a jersey with the number “46” on it. In a podcast released Tuesday, the Dallas Mavericks owner was more direct about his aspirations, saying that he is indeed “considering” a campaign for the White House.
Cuban also commented Tuesday on his potential presidential run on Bakari Sellers’ podcast “Viewpoint,” telling Sellers he was “considering” running, but was not ready to commit to the idea. “I would say the odds are extremely against it because my wife would divorce me,” Cuban said on CNBC. “It‘s more a family issue than any other issue.” Cuban also said his children have varying opinions on whether he should run for president. “My son definitely,” Cuban said. “My middle daughter probably. My oldest daughter she only pays attention to boys and nothing else matters.”
Jose Juan Barea: I needed to do something. Mark Cuban, our owner, had texted me after the storm, asking about my family. Mark and I have a great relationship. Now I sent him a text: “Crazy idea here any way we can get a plane to take a lot of stuff to pr?” He responded right away. “I’ll check on the Mavs plane.” Thirty minutes later, my phone beeped again. “Just emailed u,” Mark wrote. I checked my inbox and couldn’t believe it: Mark had already contacted his aviation team. He said they could make a run as early as Monday. It’s hard for me to express how grateful I was.