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A few GMs reportedly believe a decent chance exists the NBA draft will expand beyond two rounds once the D-League has 30 teams, but Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has an idea for a different sort of draft entirely, as he explained when Hoops Rumors asked him what he would change about NBA free agency. “I would have a supplemental draft every summer for undrafted free agents of the current and previous 3 years,” Cuban wrote in an email to Hoops Rumors. “If you are more than 3 years out you are not eligible and just a free agent.”
Mark Cuban understands if Tyson Chandler is a bit mad at the Dallas Mavericks. “He does have the right to be salty,” Cuban said during an appearance on 103.3 FM ESPN’s “Dennis and Friedo” on Friday. Chandler, a hero during Dallas’ 2011 title run, has now twice been given second-fiddle treatment by the Mavs’ front office in free agency. The big man was blunt when asked this week about DeAndre Jordan’s decision to renege on his verbal commitment to replace Chandler as Dallas’ starting center. Chandler considers Jordan’s choice to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers a better-late-than-never, wise decision. “I thought it was crazy,” Chandler told reporters during media day with the Phoenix Suns, his new team. “I never thought that DeAndre was going to sign with the Mavs, to be honest. I thought he was leaving a great situation back in L.A. Clearly, their roster is very talented and they have an opportunity to contend, so I didn’t understand it to begin with. Him going back on it, I actually thought that he got a good look at the picture.”
If his fling with Jordan was a reminder that mixing business and friendship can yield dangerous results, it hasn’t stopped Parsons from developing a close relationship with Cuban, his boss, a dynamic not often seen between player and owner. The two first met during All-Star Weekend in Houston in 2013. “We just hit it off,” Parsons says. “He’s an awesome guy. He’s outgoing and very hands-on. I thought he was the best owner in the NBA even when I was playing in Houston. He never settles, and I respect him for that. A lot of owners shy away from this type of relationship because they don’t want that uncomfortable feeling of crossing a boundary when they have to trade, cut, or amnesty a player. He doesn’t care. At the end of the day, he gains your trust, and if he has to make a business decision, you respect him for being open and honest. I’ll never find out I got traded on Twitter.”
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A reporter asked Clippers coach Doc Rivers on Friday at media day about a so-called rivalry between the teams, and if it could be good for the league. Rivers, who has argued a bit with Cuban in separate radio interviews, wasn’t buying it. “Not really,” he said. “I don’t think it matters, anyway. Listen, Mark’s an owner, I’m a coach. Unless we’re going to play a one-on-one or something, or get in a cage match or something – which you guys can all sponsor; I’m good with either one of those – I don’t think it really matters. I think it’s more him talking and me talking and we’re both wasting time.”