Mark Cuban Rumors

Cuban tweeted: “Watching end of Warriors Raptors. Refs can’t go back in time for a review. They can only review the out of bounds event. #protestable” Cuban’s point: The refs should have been looking only at the Curry portion of the play and not DeRozan’s involvement. Said DeRozan: “I thought you couldn’t even do that. I’m not even a referee, and I know that rule. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.”
Reporters will have to hunt him down elsewhere to ask about the jersey retirement ceremony planned at halftime for a beloved former Maverick and Knick — Derek Harper — as well the hoopla surrounding the matchup between Frank Ntilikina, the Knicks’ rookie point guard, and his Dallas counterpart, Dennis Smith Jr. When the Mavericks remodeled their locker room after last season, walls were erected to take the weight room and exercise equipment completely out of view in a quest for greater privacy for the players. Members of the news media, who for years could request permission to enter a theoretically off-limits zone and huddle around Cuban as he worked out, can’t even see that area anymore. “I really didn’t even realize it until we were a couple games into the season,” Cuban said in a recent interview. “I figured no one wanted to talk to me because we were losing.”