Mark Wahlberg Rumors

We got Wahlberg out in NYC and asked him about the Celtics’ envious dilemma, whether to use the #1 pick in this year’s draft on a college stud (probably Fultz) or trade for an elite NBA player. Mark — a huge Celtics fan — made his position clear, he wants to slang the pick, and wouldn’t mind getting his good friend — and Bulls star — Jimmy Butler back in return.
“Later, down the road I meet this guy Mark Wahlberg. People misunderstand,” says Butler. “I see Mark walk into all these hotels and speak to everyone the same way, whole conversations. I saw him pay for the guy who shines shoes to go on vacation. He doesn’t even wear shoes like that; he wears Timberlands and Jordans. He’ll sit down with the guy and have a conversation and then every time he comes back, I can’t remember his name, but Mark knows his name and his family. He treats people that way. Those are the kind of people I want to be around.
NBA star Caron Butler has made it clear he’d LOVE for Michael B. Jordan to play him in the movie Mark Wahlberg is producing about his life. So, when we saw Michael B. out at Catch in West Hollywood Tuesday night … we had to ask the guy — would you do it??? Good news for Caron, he didn’t exactly say no. Of course, Caron’s life story is amazing — he overcame a hard life as a drug dealing youth to make in the NBA. Wahlberg bought the rights to Caron’s story back in March and now a movie is in the works. In fact, the last time we got Butler out he told us how things are going behind the scenes — and why he wants Michael B. to play him on-screen.
LeBron James posted an Instagram of him and Mark Wahlberg in a gym together with a couple interesting hashtags — “Camera Ready” and “By The Way Truly Appreciate The Gift.” When Wahlberg went on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked him about the photo. The actor responded by saying that the two of them actually thought up of a “great” movie idea. After talking about the photo for a bit (it was at his house), Wahlberg says, “He and I are talking about doing a movie together.”
Everybody wants to know who’s going to play your role in the film… Who would you like to do it? Caron Butler: I have two people in mind. First, the kid from Creed, Michael B. Jordan. He did an unbelievable job there. He also did an unbelievable job at Fruitvale Station, The Wire… An another guy is Robbie Jones. He did Hurricane Season. Great actor, really good friend, he came to visit me in Sacramento. I’m a huge fan of his work. If you had to choose an NBA player to play your part, who would that be? Caron Butler: [Laughs] I don’t know, man… Not Shaq, I guess… Caron Butler: No, it can’t be Shaq. I’d say Russell Westbrook. Nice. Why? Caron Butler: He’s got that edge, man. He’s a guy that is really diverse, he can do anything. He’s multitalented.