Mark West Rumors

The Suns withdrew from contract talks to make Roy Rogers an assistant coach on Jeff Hornacek’s new staff. Veteran assistant coach Jerry Sichting is still expected to be on Hornacek’s coaching staff, along with Mark West moving from his role as vice president of player programs to the bench. The Suns will make two more assistant coach hires now that plans to bring in Rogers were not settled. No assistant coach hire has been formally announced.
Dumas said he lost all his NBA fortune on drugs, back taxes and a divorce but said he never played for riches. Today, he is trying to wipe the slate clean with basketball. He has started Richard Dumas and Friends Athletic Association, with the help of old friends for sponsors — Mark West and the Suns, Dan Majerle and his Majerle’s Sports Grill chain and Miller, who sells cars at Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Dumas and Friends organizes sports camps and clinics, including Dumas coaching. At 6 feet 7, Dumas’ frame begs the question about whether he played basketball — most do not recognize him from the best season in Suns history. “I used to, back when I was young,” Dumas tells them.
The Suns go 7 feet 4, 6-10 and 6-10 across the front line. And that’s just the player development staff. The Suns hired former Arizona Wildcats center and 12-year NBA veteran Sean Rooks as a player development coach while newly enshrined Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson also will assist player development for at least the month. It is part of the Suns’ May pledge to bolster the player development staff, now headed by Lindsey Hunter and helped by Suns Vice President of Player Programs Mark West.
The Suns are trying to improve their work in player development and have moved Lindsey Hunter into that role to work with players year-round. Hunter, who had a 17-year NBA career, was hired as a scout last fall. Suns Vice President of Player Programs Mark West’s role will be expanded into player development with Hunter, his former Detroit teammate. After deciding not to bring back assistant coach Bill Cartwright, the Suns also are expected to bring in a younger big man for the player-development side. “Internally, we are doing everything we can to get better for next season,” Blanks said.
Only Artis Gilmore and Shaquille O’Neal made a higher percentage of shots in their NBA careers than did Mark West. The Suns are going to see how good West is with a low-percentage shot now. West, the Suns’ vice president of player programs, will be the team’s representative for Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery in New Jersey. The Suns have a 2.2 percent chance to land a top-three pick in the draft. If they do not, they likely would wind up with the 13th spot unless Houston moves up to drop Phoenix to No. 14. Only the top three spots are open to lottery chances. “Our chances aren’t very high, but I’ve got a chance,” said West, who has been in the Suns’ front office for 11 years and spent 7 1/2 years of his 17-year playing career with Phoenix. “As long as there’s a chance. I’m an optimist, so I’m going there with the thought we can get one of the top-three picks. I’ll guarantee you one thing: I’ll come back with a pick.”