Masai Ujiri Rumors

It would be different, perhaps, if the Raptors simply had their own late-first round selection because that would limit the possibilities. But having a lottery pick brings a whole new group of players into the mix. “Everyone talks about (the ninth pick) and yeah, it feels great, but now we have to make the pick,” Ujiri said. “Now we have to do something with it. Whether that is make the pick or trade the pick or whatever it is, I think this is a good, good asset for our organization and something else to add to what we already have.”
After Ujiri signed him to a two-year, $6 million free-agent contract, they traveled together to South Africa for the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program. Olajuwon was there, and Biyombo swooned. He wanted to work out with Olajuwon. Suddenly, it was Ujiri with the Mutombo finger wag. “He sees Hakeem, and he wants to work out with him,” Ujiri told The Vertical late Saturday night. “So I called him into the room, and said, ‘Biz, with all due respect, I’ve had all kinds of guys go work out with Hakeem. At the end of the day, there’s only one Hakeem in the world and there will never be another one. That guy was a ballerina. I don’t care what you think you’re going to do with that guy but … no, forget it.’ Go watch Tyson Chandler. Rebound. Block shots. Run. That’s your bread and butter. Listen, Biz, I don’t know if anyone’s throwing you the ball in the post.”