Mascots Rumors

Stan and Kim Van Gundy’s decision to adopt Eastwood, a 1-year-old special needs red-coated labrador who was the only dog left behind at a Northern Michigan shelter didn’t go unnoticed outside of the basketball world. “Eastwood got in the Daily Mirror in London, ABC News two nights in a row, nightly news. People magazine, their online site,” Van Gundy said. “It’s been crazy.”
Van Gundy, speaking outside of Quest Multisport Friday, following the NBA Draft Combine, said the new family pet has health issues. “Basically, every dog got adopted except him, and the reason was he’s going to need some surgery, it’s going to be a fairly decent cost to it,” Van Gundy said. “He’s got a defective back leg. He gets around fine, but you can see it. At some point, not right away, he’s going to need some surgery. And he’s a thing in his eye where his eyelash is turned inward. So, he’s going to an ophthalmologist on Tuesday. That was the reason he didn’t get adopted.”
The Timberwolves’ prophetically named mascot, Crunch, appeared to lose balance towards the end of a high-speed sledding stunt and hit an empty front row seat next to the aisle. That seat, in turn, crashed into the right knee of Towns Sr., who was sitting next to the empty seat. The elder Towns is now exploring potential legal options, including the possibility of suing his son’s team for negligence.