Mascots Rumors

Jazz Bear, the creatively named mascot for the Utah Jazz, sustained a painful fall. When this happened is not readily identifiable (even though it’s probably not new, none of us had ever seen it before) — though, since the shot clock reads 35, perhaps it occurred in the 2013 NCAA Tournament? — and neither is the intent. In any event this is at least the third time Jazz Bear’s man parts have taken a beating in his act. That’s dedication to the job. NBA Writer James Herbert talked to Lopez after the game to find out more about his run-in with the Raptor: Where does the Raptor rank on your least favorite mascots list? Robin Lopez: He’s up there. He’s putting himself up there. Right now, I think he and Hooper from Detroit, they’re in the top tier. They’re really on my enemies list. What happened tonight? Robin Lopez: He was taunting me during warmups. He never got up the courage to actually go after me, but I can tell he was thinking it over in his head.
Franklin will be the third mascot in Sixers franchise history, after Hip-Hop and the long-departed Big Shot — a fuzzy blue cousin of the Phanatic. He is part of an effort by the Sixers new-ish owners, who bought the team in 2011, to amp up the in-arena experience. They invested in one of those cool 3-D courts, resurrected one of the all-time campy team theme songs in sports, revamped the dance team, and finally replaced Hip-Hop. A cynic might point out that a franchise in Year 2 of an unprecedented multiyear tanking scheme is exactly the sort of franchise that should distract fans with wizardry, but the magical mascoting world is no place for cynicism. We are now down to five teams that lack a mascot: the Nets, Clippers, Knicks, Lakers, and Warriors.
Denver’s favorite mountain lion is in the doghouse. Unbeknownst to the Denver Nuggets organization, mascot Rocky was at the Colorado Republican rally Monday and evidently didn’t check with his bosses at Kroenke Sports Enterprises about it. Nuggets marketing manager Graham Wincott, who handles Rocky and his appearances, said the team’s mascot showing up at the GOP event was “an unsanctioned, unpaid appearance that we had no knowledge of.”
Are the Nets going to re-design their mascot? It’s not clear yet, but on Grantland writer Zach Lowe’s “The Lowe Post” podcast, he drops a potentially juicy nugget about the future of the Brooklyknight — and a big star that might re-design it. At around 52:30 in the podcast (listen here), Lowe says he’s heard (but not quite confirmed) that the Nets have considered a re-design for their universally panned mascot, and have reached out to late night television host Jimmy Fallon for his input (along with Marvel Comics) on a new look.
The NBA’s favourite mascot returned to the hardwood Sunday, showing no sign of the injury that had kept him out all season. After tearing his Achilles while doing back flips at a pre-season event in Halifax last fall, the Raptor spent 5 ½ months watching from the sidelines and undergoing gruelling rehab. But the much-beloved Dino was back at the Air Canada Centre Sunday afternoon for Toronto’s win over the Atlanta Hawks.