Mascots Rumors

The Timberwolves’ prophetically named mascot, Crunch, appeared to lose balance towards the end of a high-speed sledding stunt and hit an empty front row seat next to the aisle. That seat, in turn, crashed into the right knee of Towns Sr., who was sitting next to the empty seat. The elder Towns is now exploring potential legal options, including the possibility of suing his son’s team for negligence.
The most likely scenario is that Towns Sr. and interested parties, most notably the Timberwolves, resolve the matter out of court. They could do so through mediation, where a neutral mediator would review the dispute and proposes a settlement that, if all parties accept, would end the matter. The reality is that the Timberwolves do not want to litigate against the father of the team’s franchise player—such a move would obviously damage the team’s chances at keeping Towns Jr. for the long haul. It stands to reason that a deal could be had long before anyone appears in court.