Mascots Rumors

The Houston Rockets will be looking for a new person to play their mascot, Clutch the Bear, a source within the organization confirmed to ClutchFans. Robert Boudwin, who has played “Clutch” for 21 seasons, will not be back with the team. The team’s mascot is a member of the Mascot Hall of Fame and has nearly 150,000 followers on Facebook. The Rockets will be holding open auditions looking for a new person to play their mascot, possibly in August.
Most Spurs fans would have difficulty identifying Rob Wicall if he was walking down the street in his normal clothing. But after he puts on his on-the-court uniform as the Spurs Coyote, Wicall’s role for the franchise is one of the most obvious and recognizable members of the organization. Wicall announced Wednesday he will be departing from the franchise at the start of next season. “Of course, it’s bittersweet, but I am excited to spend game nights with my family, explore some creative projects and be open to whatever other opportunities present themselves,” Wicall said in a prepared release. “Three years ago, I was diagnosis with ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis, and so I’m passionate about staying fit and speaking on behalf of arthritis sufferers everywhere.”
The Toronto Raptors just won only their second playoff series in franchise history, which is obviously a huge deal. So how did the NBA franchise’s mascot — known simply as The Raptor — celebrate on Tuesday? As Toronto mayor John Tory read a congratulatory note to the Raptors, the big red dinosaur jumped into the session, rubbed a bald guy’s head, did a hand stand and poured some water. It was quite delightful.