Media Rumors

In his first year of retirement, Garnett has infiltrated the television world with “Area 21,” a wholly unique take on the athlete-turned-analyst that now appears every Monday night during the playoffs. “A lot of times I’m with friends when I’m watching sports and it turns into like a barbershop atmosphere and there’s a lot of opinions,” Garnett said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. “It’s intense. If you throw in some salsa dip and some chips along with some cigars, it gets really intense. “Obviously, we don’t have the cigars and the salsa and the guac (in the studio), but there’s the same kind of energy in the sense of watching multiple monitors and multiple games and being passionate about an opinion, about what you’re looking at.”
Beloved by teammates but known publicly for his volatile personality, Wallace has appeared with KG four times this season. The two have an easy chemistry, “like an old (expletive) married couple,” Garnett says. “Me and Mossy, we get together, an average conversation always turns into ego and stats and, ‘Man I could’ve guarded you,'” Garnett said. “And it’s fun, so although we’re talking about sports, we’re talking about life, where we come from, family, problems, chicks, parties, greatest times, worst times. It’s real friendship. From those perspectives, the guys that I have on are people I sit back and say if I was a fly on the wall who would I love to hear the conversation?”
Worthy is upset about a story Durant told on “The Bill Simmons Podcast” — in which KD says he met Worthy last year and they had a very cool conversation about Durant leaving OKC for Golden State. But Kevin says he learned a short time later that Worthy trashed him about the move during a TV interview. Durant felt betrayed and called James “shady” and “corny.” But Worthy says Durant’s version of the story is simply untrue — and he was so upset, he tracked down the TV interview in question to prove he’s not a two-faced liar.