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One of the most 90s things I’ve ever seen is a shot of Charles Barkley and Nirvana together on the Saturday Night Live set in 1993. Barkley was the NBA MVP that year, and hosting. Nirvana, which released In Utero that year, was the musical guest. It was a magical time in American culture, and to hear Barkley tell it on Dan Patrick’s show, the guys in Nirvana were blazed out of their minds the whole time. Here’s the quote in case you can’t watch: I had people coming in and out, my friends, so I kept my dressing room open. Every time those guys from Nirvana opened their door I got like a contact high. It was like one of those big mushroom clouds came. Like I was scared to go to the airport because I didn’t want to … do not go to the airport.
But what makes James a true superstar is his ability to make his teammates better and lead them to victory. This along with his community work is why Fortune named James as one of the World’s Greatest Leaders. James is No. 11 on Fortune’s list, which includes Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, and Pope Francis. Besides for Chicago Cubs president of basketball operations Theo Epstein, James is the only other leader from the world of sports that is on Fortune’s list.
James has realized this ambition through the LeBron James Family Foundation, which will provide mentoring and full college scholarships to 1,100 underprivileged children in his hometown of Akron. He has also used his platform as the game’s most famous star to speak out on issues such as President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order and the relationship between law enforcement and black communities. And while he didn’t promise to end Cleveland’s 50-year championship drought, James did, in dramatic style, lead the Cavaliers to overturn a 3-1 series deficit against the favored Golden State Warriors.