Merchandising Rumors

Who came up with the idea for Kuzmania shirts? Kyle Kuzma: The idea of the Kuzmania shirt came from the fans, really. It’s a thing that fans started saying. Me and my team decided to come out with shirts. Most guys, most people, they sell things that are very high priced and what not. We sell the shirts for, I think, $27 and that symbolizes me being the 27th pick in the draft. It’s really dedicated to the fanbase. Is that something you might have picked up off from being so close to how brand-conscious Lonzo and Big Baller Brand are? Kyle Kuzma: No, I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Being around him so much, you definitely see how his business goes and what not, so you know it could be easy to get into that, but for me, not really. My team brought up the idea. I liked it. We went with it, and the feedback we got from fans, they love the shirt, so it’s a win win.
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