Merchandising Rumors

Curry rocked the beard throughout the Warriors’ run to the 2017 NBA title. But in a bobblehead featuring the two-time NBA champ being given away to fans at Oracle Arena on Monday night, the beard is nowhere to be seen and Curry isn’t happy. “It’s a pretty good representation of me in the bobblehead, obviously commemorating the two championships. The thing is, I spent 29 great years trying to grow this beard out and they forgot to attach it to the side. What’s all this hard work for? Everything else looks good, though,” Curry said in a video posted by the Warriors on Monday morning.
Nike publicly addressed its “lighter” NBA jerseys that have come under scrutiny after at least five players’ jerseys have ripped during the 2017-18 season. The company provided a statement to USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday morning, noting plans to alter the jerseys in order to avoid more tears during games. It did not disclose how many jerseys, if not all, would be discarded or replaced for better quality.
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According to Heck, sponsorships, which had increased sharply in each of the last three years in anticipation of an upswing, grew by another “30 to 40 percent” this offseason. And those sponsors haven’t been limited to America. With foreign-born players like Dario Saric (Croatia), Embiid (Cameroon) and Simmons (Australia), the 76ers appeal is expanding internationally.