Michael Cooper Rumors

General manager Mitch Kupchak, for his part, references former teammate Michael Cooper, a 6-foot-5, 170-pound defensive ace during the Lakers’ Showtime era. “Michael competed and was fearless, but he never put on an ounce,” Kupchak says. “Obviously, the kid needs to get stronger, and he will, but the important thing is that [Ingram] is fearless and he competes.” The Lakers are not only patient but want to protect Ingram to the point of declining interview requests with their nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach in part because they see no upside to further stories about his weight. “It’s going to happen,” Kupchak says. “Naturally.”
6 months ago via ESPN
Upon being drafted, the Jheri-curled Green, 21, was thrown to the wolves. And his randy teammates did whatever they could to tempt him. “We’d say, ‘A.C., come on, go out with us,’ and he’d say, ‘No, I won’t go out with you guys but I’ll pray for you guys,’” says a chuckling Michael Cooper, Green’s teammate, in the film. “We joked about how long it would last before he had sex,” adds teammate James Worthy. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar remembers how Green would carry a Bible around with him at all times.
Cooper did not think much of the workout entering the gym. West had requested it, telling Cooper that he wanted to see how a high school kid named Kobe would fare against him. Cooper learned that Bryant was actually Joe Bryant’s son only a couple of hours before squaring off against him. Cooper and Joe Bryant had matched up before in games. “I almost had a flashback,” Cooper said. “Now, if I would have done that, it would have been a different thing.” He arrived at a dark gym, almost gloomy. No matter. Bryant lit Cooper up. They spent nearly the whole session playing one-on-one. Cooper played defense the bulk of the time. He tried using his physicality over Bryant. Bryant scored at will. He unleashed a full repertoire of fadeaway jump shots and drives to the baskets with reverse layups and dunks.