Michael Malone Rumors

Coach Michael Malone went to the Nikola Jokic and Jusuf Nurkic pairing at the end of last season. What were your thoughts on it and do you think we could see it again next year? Wilson Chandler: “When they put Nurkic and Jokic in, just from a feel of it on the outside looking in, I felt like down the line maybe this year and going forward that’s a great possibility, that’s a great lineup. I think it’s a good strength for our team though, If you have a bigger team you can play those guys, but if you’re getting killed you can go smaller with Gallo at the four, throw me at the four, we can try and catch up that type of way but I think that’s a great strength we have. We can mix it up a lot.”
Zach Lowe: What are the chances from zero to a hundred that Kenneth Faried is the starting power forward on opening night? Michael Malone: [laughs] From zero to a hundred? There’s a good chance. Kenneth is a… [Lowe laughs] he has been here for a while. He’s a guy that I played him about 25 minutes a night last year, and unlike any other big man on our team he brings something to the table that none of the other guys can. He’s a tremendous athlete, he’s an elite offensive rebounder and he’s a guy you can throw the ball up to and play above the rim. (…) Kenneth is a guy that he’s proven over his NBA career to be a double-double machine, and when he’s playing at a high level, he’s one of the most dominant power forwards in the NBA.”
1 month ago via ESPN
Michael Malone: “We were a young team last year and we got a little bit younger through the draft which we’re excited about. It’s tough to win big in the NBA when you’re this young, but we feel we have a lot of good young players and assets. And you balance that with guys like (Danilo Gallinari) and (Kenneth) Faried, Darrell Arthur. People forget but we consider Wilson Chandler a free agent signing (since he missed all of last season). This is a long-term play. This is an opportunity to show improvement, for our players to get better and we have a chance to be here for a while.”