Michael Malone Rumors

Those offensive struggles ended in a big way Monday night. Barton scored 22 points on 7-12 shooting to go with six assists, two days after one of his worst performances of the season; a two-point night where the 26-year-old shot just 1-6 from the field. Malone’s sermon was apparently just what Barton needed to hear. “It helped me a lot,” Barton said of his chat with Malone. “Anytime I have trust in my coaching staff and they believe in me and tell me I’m a big part of this team they need me to play well it does a lot for my confidence. I was overthinking a lot. Kind of playing a new role coming off the bench. Kind of playing like a point so overthinking should I take the shot, should I not? Instead of just being myself and tonight I just wanted to come out and be aggressive.”
“We needed that, man. Will Barton is a very important piece, we all know that. Since the break he just hasn’t found his groove and tonight you see him shoot the ball as well as he did from three, being the playmaker he was,” Malone said. “He gets 22 points and six assists off the bench. That was fantastic. So hopefully, this can get him going. When Will is like that off the bench it gives us a whole ‘nother element.”
“Isaiah Thomas has been a scorer everywhere he’s been,” Malone said. “For us, I wanted him to be the best Isaiah Thomas possible. Be that scorer, 20 points a night (which is what he averaged for Malone’s Kings during the 2013-14 season). But also look at ways to make your teammates better. I think that’s the thing he’s probably gotten better at along the way. He can impact the game with scoring, we all know that.But I think first three quarters of the game he’ll look to get guys involved. Then the fourth quarter he’s going to try to cut your throat out and kill you.”