Michele Roberts Rumors

Time of service matters but the Players Association will fund the program, through UnitedHealthcare, for all former players who played at least three years. Those with 10 or more years will receive family coverage. “The players to my, frankly, delight, were receptive to the idea and felt it was something important that they should do for both the retired players and for themselves at some level because they’re all going to be retired players too one day,” Roberts said.
Silver and Roberts are working in a different time, and have been willing to give one another the benefit of the doubt as they build their relationship. Both are strong-willed, but don’t have the sense/need for the dramatic flourishes of their predecessors. “Definitely, the pile of money helps,” a source familiar with the discussions noted last week. (As the deal is not yet done, both sides have continued to respect a news blackout on the state of negotiations, though details of the progress between the sides leaked out a month ago.)
This is another sign that an agreement between the NBA and NBPA is imminent. The league and the players association have made progress on a new agreement in recent weeks, and there remains optimism on both sides that a deal will get done in the near future. The current collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the NBPA runs through June 2021, with both sides holding the right until Dec. 15 to express an intent to opt out in 2017.
1 month ago via ESPN