Michele Roberts Rumors

Now, James has a seat at the negotiating table. “I can’t speak for LeBron, I think LeBron spoke pretty well for himself. I took him at his word, I take him at his word,” said Michele Roberts, executive director for the players’ union. “It’s a difficult pill to swallow, given all that even the commissioner has said about the health of the game. I can’t speak for what may have motivated that, I assume he was given information, that’s not the information I’ve seen.”
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Roberts took issue with Silver’s characterization of the players’ compensation as coming out of the league’s gross revenues. “We do not have a gross compensation system,” she said. “The players’ 50 percent share is calculated net of a substantial amount of expenses and deductions.” She also questioned Silver’s assertion that arena renovations and expenses were cutting into the owners’ profits, referring to arenas as “revenue drivers, profit centers and franchise valuation boosters. … Many teams also receive generous arena subsides, loans and other incentives from state and local governments as part of their arena deals.
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Two people familiar with league finances project that the players will receive another shortfall check after the 2015-16 season. A shortfall approaching $500 million will exist after the 2016-17 season due to a spike in the salary cap from $70 million to $89 million as a result of the infusion of new TV revenues. The league’s $24 billion, nine-year TV deal came in much higher than the league and union contemplated when they negotiated the 2011 CBA.
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