Micky Arison Rumors

But in a podcast with The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski this week, Wade admitted that Riley not calling him was the deciding factor. “I did feel at the end of the day it’s Micky Arison’s team but it’s Pat’s show,” Wade told Wojnarowski. “I love Pat and I know he loves me. The fact that we didn’t talk, that hurt. That was my deciding factor when it came down to the end of the day and he didn’t show he wanted me there. I know the Arison family loved me and wanted me there. I know Spo [coach Erik Spoelstra] wanted me there.”
Storyline: Heat Front Office
The 6-foot-3 point guard has played some of his best ball in recent weeks, comfortable that Heat President Pat Riley and owner Micky Arison are committed to a turnaround. “That’s why I signed with this team,” he said. “If I didn’t think like that, I would never have signed. I understand it’s part of the business, but I have great confidence in this organization, in Pat, in Micky, in all of those guys, because the history speaks for itself.”
Storyline: Goran Dragic Trade?
Q: in anticipation of a lawsuit by Chris Bosh and/or the union, who are bound to claim the Heat never wanted Bosh to return or intended to allow him to play, in order to get out from his contract. — David. A: Or it simply could have been a tweet from a team owner glad to see his player working out in advance of training camp. Look, I don’t think Wednesday’s night tweet, by itself, is an indication, one way or the other, of whether Chris Bosh gets back on the court in contact situations. There still have to be physicals not only for Bosh, but for every player on the roster. And remember, even if Chris doesn’t return to the court immediately, or going forward, he still was expected in camp, just as he was with the Heat during the playoffs, including on the court with teammates during pregame shootarounds. And there really, even with all the convoluted language in the collective-bargaining agreement, are not many (or even any) ways for the Heat to get Bosh’s salary off the books unless there is an overwhelming consensus that he no longer can play. With the information at hand, I’m not sure anyone knows what will happen in camp, during the preseason, or beyond. In fact, I hardly would classify, “Looking good CB” and “look forward to seeing in camp,” as “comments,” when it comes to what Micky Arison offered in his 140 characters. Well-wishing is not the same as policy setting.