Mike Brown Rumors

Brown had a clause in his contract. If he was fired within 10 days of the season, the team didn’t owe his full contract. Nine-and-half days after the Game 6 loss in Boston, Cleveland fired him. Some wondered if LeBron ordered it. “I can guarantee you with a billion percent certainty that’s not true,” Windhorst said. “Could LeBron have raised his hand and stopped it? Yes. But at that point, LeBron had already decided he was leaving. They couldn’t get a hold of him.”
Days later, he watched LeBron, Ty Lue and the Cavaliers beat Golden State to finally bring Cleveland an elusive title. “For LeBron and his legacy and what he meant to Northeast Ohio, I was tickled to death,” Brown said. But now he’s on the other side of things, bringing a unique perspective to the matchup. Because his first season with the Lakers was lockout-shortened, Brown never coached against the Cavaliers in Cleveland. So this past Christmas, Brown entered his former home arena for the first time as an opposing coach. “Walking into the building and going to the other locker room was a little strange,” Brown said. “Sitting on the other bench was a little weird.”
The starters lost. Brown told the losers to run. A fuming Artest booted the basketball to the rafters. Brown confronted him. “I yelled, ‘Ron, don’t kick that ball!’” “I’ll do what the (bleep) I want,” Artest yelled back. “Don’t you kick that ball again,” Brown demanded. Artest didn’t. He instead charged toward Brown. “I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god, I’m gonna have to fight him,’” Brown said. “Please somebody help me. Michael Smith – Michael ‘The Animal’ Smith – stepped in and stopped the thing.”