Mike Brown Rumors

ESPN: The Lakers were a major disappointment that season, but the front office still wanted you back? Howard: “Yes, they did. I had a decent year. I put up good numbers. Mitch [Kupchak] wanted me to stay. Jeanie [Buss] wanted me to stay. But I didn’t think it was a good fit. When they fired Mike Brown (after five games), they asked me what coach I wanted. I said, ‘Phil [Jackson].’ They said, ‘Well, we don’t know about Phil.’ So they went out and got D’Antoni, and I’m thinking, ‘Well I guess what I say doesn’t matter.’ That was one thing. The other was when I got ejected from our last game. Kobe was out (with a torn Achilles) by then. As I walked out to the back to the locker room, Kobe was walking in. People turned that into some kind of statement from Kobe, like he was saying, ‘He may be gone, but I’m coming back.’ Kobe and I never fought. But I didn’t like hearing that I was running away from the ‘bright lights.’