Mike Budenholzer Rumors

(On having 1-on-1 discussions with players about trade rumors) “Yeah. That’s one of the downsides to being where we are right now. It’s real easy to throw our guys out in the media, right? There are some rumors that are true and certainly some that aren’t, especially when you start looking at, you know, I think there for one stretch that every single day one of our guys was on the cover of HoopsHype. I would say this: We’re not shopping any of our guys. Teams know where we are, and team have interest in our guys just like we have interest in our guys. “We talk with the players directly. I communicate with the agents anytime there’s something that’s out there that is completely false, we step up right away and say, ‘Listen. Don’t worry about it.’ “I’ve jokingly said to Garin (Narain, Hawks Senior VP of PR) earlier, ‘We’re just kind of low-hanging fruit out there right now. It’s really easy to throw us out there.”
“The end of a game,” Budenholzer said Saturday before the Hawks hosted the Trail Blazers. “It’s competitive. A little bit frustrated with a couple things. I’ve exchanged texts with Dwane. I’ve apologized. They play hard. Their players play hard. I have a lot of respect for them, a lot of respect for Dwane. It’s really kind of a non-issue to be honest with you.”
With the Raptors’ win already in hand, the Hawks appeared willing to dribble out the clock. Raptors rookie OG Anunoby, however, stole a bad pass from Hawks point guard Isaiah Taylor pass and threw down a breakaway dunk. The perceived disrespectful play immediately drew the ire of Budenholzer, who appeared to have a few stern words for Anunoby. Casey, however, wasn’t having it, and immediately fired back at Budenholzer, appearing to yell, “F–k you!” after the Hawks coach refused to exchange postgame pleasantries.