Mike Budenholzer Rumors

“We walk into our houses and thank Tim Duncan,” Atlanta Hawks head coach and longtime Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer says. “You think about all the coaches and all the GMs and even the assistant video guys who are now assistant coaches, all the people who have climbed the NBA ladder — we all owe our success, our place in the league to Timmy. “The magnitude of that, the number of people in this league who have enjoyed opportunity or found fortunate spots in the league, you can trace it back to this one guy — to the way Timmy played ball and the conducted himself. The ‘culture’ is Timmy.”
Storyline: Tim Duncan Retirement
Dwight Howard is coming home, and playing for Hawks Head Coach Mike Budenholzer had a lot to do with him agreeing to terms in Atlanta. “I really love the coach,” said Howard from Philips Arena where he was watching a Dream game with his family. “I told him three years ago I really like his style and the way he approaches the game. Just to be able to get coached by somebody like that who’s all about trying to allow you to grow as a player, I’m excited. I’ve seen what Al (Horford) has done in the past.”
The misdemeanor driving under the influence case against Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer began with the jury selection process Tuesday in Fulton County State Court on Tuesday. The nearly three-year old case will last until at least Monday when former Hawks general manager Danny Ferry is scheduled to testify on behalf of Budenholzer’s defense. Ferry was subpoenaed for the case. The defense filed a motion requesting that Ferry be able to testify by way of Skype, FaceTime or some other digital electronic means since he would be involved with the NBA Draft as part of his role with the New Orleans Pelicans. His appearance in the case Wednesday or Thursday, the day of the draft, was deemed to be a hardship by the defense.