Mike Ilitch Rumors

Davidson rarely made demands. He gave constructive criticism. He simply wanted to know what was going on. And seeing the owner just about every day energized the staff. When Davidson died, some of the brain trust that made the Pistons the talk of the sports marketing world began to leave, including many to rival Mike Ilitch and Olympia Entertainment. Ilitch still remains as a potential buyer of the team. “When Mr. Davidson died, it put so many things out of place at The Palace,” former Pistons coach Ray Scott said. “People began to leave that made the organization. Much of that brain power was lost. That staff was lost. Now you have Joe sitting there, who wants to pull some deals, who cannot until the pending sale is complete.”
via Detroit News
Sources familiar with the situation say that Gores may be open to being part of a deal led by the Ilitches, who cite a confidentiality agreement in not talking to the media about the Pistons negotiations. Gores, a Michigan State University graduate raised in the Flint area, is founder of Beverly Hills-based Platinum Equity LLC, one of the largest private equity firms in the country. He was unsuccessful in a bid a last year ago to buy Troy-based auto supplier Delphi Holdings LLC for $3.6 billion.
via Crain's