Mike Krzyzewski Rumors

Krzyzewski believes the NBA should return to allowing kids to enter the draft straight out of high school. He’s dead-on right about that. “I believe a kid should not be denied an opportunity if he’s good enough to pursue his dream right away,” Krzyzewski said on a pre-draft radio show on SiriusXM NBA radio. “You can do it in baseball, you can do it on Broadway (acting). I think guys (in basketball) should be given that opportunity.”
Funny thing about that: Snyder was hired by general manager Dennis Lindsey, for whom he’d worked when he was with the Toros, just coaching for the love of the game again. “How you handle disappointment really is something critical,” Brown said. “Things happen for a reason in this game.” So the Jazz trail Golden State 2-0 in their series as of Thursday night, and it’s hard to picture Utah coming out on top of this. But that won’t take away from how Snyder, now 50, has made his way. “With his preparation and intensity, you can feel that when you play them,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers, a friend of Snyder’s, said during the first round of the playoffs. “That’s from Quin. He also just runs great stuff. He understands who their team is.”
It meant Snyder joining Brown as an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Clippers. It even meant maintaining a paternal feeling towards him after Snyder and Brown’s daughter, Kristy, married and divorced. “I just felt a connection to him,” Brown said of Snyder. “Amazing charisma” and “this aura about him” were Mike Krzyzewski’s first perceptions of Snyder, he said in response to emailed questions by The Star earlier this week.