Mike Krzyzewski Rumors

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski defended his former player Jahlil Okafor, who was suspended two games by the Philadelphia 76ers following two separate incidents in Boston. Krzyzewski, who coached Okafor for one season, said people should not judge Okafor based solely on his most recent actions. “Jah is one of the greatest kids ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever,” Krzyzewski said following Duke’s game against Indiana. “He did a couple of stupid things, and so knock him for it. Suspend him, but let’s move on. Make him learn from it, but don’t characterize him based on that. He’s a special, special kid.”
Snyder thinks USA Basketball made a wise choice in its decision to have Spurs coach Gregg Popovich replace Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski as the national team head coach from 2017-20. “Obviously with Coach Pop it makes complete sense,” said Snyder, who worked with Popovich in the Spurs’ system from 2007-10 and has played for and coached under Krzyzewski. “You’re talking about two people who served in the military — at West Point (Coach K) and the Air Force Academy (Popovich). Their lives have a patriot quality. It’s unique. It’s pretty special.”
Now, Popovich will take over the USA National program in 2017 and players will love the idea of performing for him. Krzyzewski will finish his third tour as the national coach in 2016, and stay on as a “special adviser,” which loosely translated means this: Krzyzewski will still have the access and influence to use USA Basketball’s junior national teams to leverage his Duke recruiting. High school players committing to Duke understand they have a preferred path to making those under-18 and -19 rosters competing in international tournaments.
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