Mike Mancias Rumors

In the summer of 2008, as LeBron James and members of USA Basketball’s “Redeem Team” prepared for the Beijing Olympics, a 23-year-old James began ramping up the training regimen that has become a part of his standards today. “He leaves no stone unturned,” James’ longtime athletic trainer, Mike Mancias, told ESPN. “We do, collectively as a group, work as a group and say, ‘OK, what are we missing? What else? What else haven’t we tried? What else haven’t we uncovered?’ And, ‘Why not?'”
2 months ago via ESPN
While James used to buck against scheduled rest, Lue has found him to be more flexible this season. “He’s gotten better,” Lue said of James. “He understands the big picture and what we’re trying to accomplish and the guy’s played so many minutes over the course of his career. He went to six straight Finals. He has to take some rest at times and when I talk to (James’ trainer) Mike Mancias and our training staff and they see that it’s a game where he should take off then that’s what I do. So he understands that. As much as he doesn’t like it, he has to deal with it.”