Mike Tyson Rumors

“I wouldn’t have been able to stop him defensively because he is just bigger and stronger than I was,” Thomas said. “So I would have tried to frustrate him, get in his head. I would have had to frustrate him and psyche him out a little bit because physically I couldn’t beat him. So I would have to throw him off his game mentally, get him distracted. Say ‘Hey, man, (Kevin) Durant was open, you not gonna pass it to Durant? Hey, why you hogging? Durant, you’re boy ain’t gonna throw you the rock? That’s messed up.’ But then on the offensive side, he’d have to check me, too. And I think I would have got him a little bit. But I would have laying in bed the night before saying ‘What am I gonna do with this joker?’ Because when he comes full-throttle, like I said, he’s the Mike Tyson of point guards. He comes with that mentality. Comes with that anger and when you step on that floor you gotta be ready to battle him.”
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Earlier this week, Mike Tyson sang this song about LeBron James on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Well, in the interest of being unbiased, Kimmel had Iron Mike back on the show, only this time singing about Kevin Durant. This song, “Dr. Shootgood,” shows us the true endless range of Tyson’s musical palette. “He’s got a 24-karat smile that all the girls can enjoy, and he run off the court and kiss his mama like a sissy boy.” I know everyone keeps talking about the maturation of this young Thunder team, but I think we need to start talking about the maturation of Mike Tyson, the lyricist. Is it too late to reverse Grammy decisions? Can we just give him next years Grammy’s? All of them?
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After watching this clip of Mike Tyson analyzing the tattoos of different NBA players on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” I can’t help but think that I can watch Iron Mike do just about anything, from knocking people out to dancing with Wayne Brady, and enjoy every bit of it. During the segment, which they appropriately refer to as “Tattoo Time,” Tyson comments on the tattoos of Kobe Bryant, DeShawn Stevenson and Kenyon Martin. As always, it is tough to tell what Iron Mike is trying to say at times, but the dancing and poor acting is more than enough to make this clip worth checking out.
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