Mike Woodson Rumors

“Kevin Garnett is hired in here as a consultant, so I’m sure he’ll be in and out when it presents itself for him to work with our guys,” said assistant coach Mike Woodson. “I think when he’s here, it’s important for our bigs to take advantage of him being out here on the floor, because he brings so much to the table and has so much to offer for the game of basketball.”
Storyline: Kevin Garnett Retirement
“I’m happy he’s part of our family now,” Woodson said. “He’s always been part of Doc’s family, and I just think as we move forward it’s going to help DJ a lot. I mean, all of our bigs. KG is going to be a Hall of Famer one day and I think all the experience that he’s put out on the basketball floor, if these guys are willing to listen and learn, they will benefit in the long run.”