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Lakers work out Xavier Henry

That drive led him to Wednesday’s free agent minicamp at the Lakers’ practice facility, where General Manager Mitch Kupchak labeled him as “one of the players that we did want to take a look at.” The Lakers only have so many spots left to fill for their 20-man training camp roster, and space for Henry is far from guaranteed. But it is nonetheless a major step for a player whose career could have very well been over. “I’ve been doing a lot of workouts this summer with a lot of different teams and getting feedback and seeing how I feel,” he said. “I’ve been feeling really good. I’m feeling blessed that I can even play basketball again.”
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Henry credited Santa Cruz’s training and coaching staffs with assisting his rehab and never letting him get too down on himself. In spite of this, it was still a far-from-perfect path for Henry, who only played nine games for the team. Nonetheless, his dedication to grinding his way back to the court was noticed from afar by his former general manager. “I think it’s a testament to a great kid,” Kupchak said. “That’s nothing new to us. We know the kid and we know what kind of heart he has. He’s had several different types of injuries and he’s worked his way through it. He’s still young enough to make a run at the NBA and playing basketball professionally, so we wish him the best.”
General manager Mitch Kupchak, for his part, references former teammate Michael Cooper, a 6-foot-5, 170-pound defensive ace during the Lakers’ Showtime era. “Michael competed and was fearless, but he never put on an ounce,” Kupchak says. “Obviously, the kid needs to get stronger, and he will, but the important thing is that [Ingram] is fearless and he competes.” The Lakers are not only patient but want to protect Ingram to the point of declining interview requests with their nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach in part because they see no upside to further stories about his weight. “It’s going to happen,” Kupchak says. “Naturally.”
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