MLB Rumors

Clippers guard J.J. Redick threw out the first pitch to Mike Trout at the Angels game on Saturday. Redick told Fox Sports that he was going to “throw a dart,” and he did … sort of. The thing is that the pitch bounced, but it wasn’t like a Paul Pierce first pitch bounce, it was more like a laser beam. The Fox Sports crew commented on how that was a pretty close call, but Trout was able to prevent anything terrible from happening, so it was fine.
In the last 40 seasons, only 10 teams have won even one championship, and three of those 10 — Portland, Washington and Seattle/OKC — won their championships more than three decades ago, in consecutive seasons — 1977, ’78 and ’79. None have won a championship since. Only seven teams have won a title since 1980. Seven. By contrast, since 1947, 23 different NFL teams have won championships. Of those 23 teams, 16 have won more than one title. Just in the Super Bowl era of the NFL — 50 years — there have been 19 different champions, led by the Pittsburgh Steelers, with six Lombardi trophies. Twelve NFL teams have won more than one Super Bowl. Since 1947, in Major League Baseball, 21 different teams have won World Series titles, led by the New York Yankees with 17. And of the 21 teams that have won a title during that time, 15 have won more than one title.
New Nets general manager Sean Marks comes with the highest recommendations from San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford. But they’re his friends and mentors, they’re supposed to do that. The most impressive gushing praise came from Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. Cashman talked to The Post about New York’s newest general manager, calling him impressive, special, and bound for success. And Cashman should know about success, having helmed the Bombers to four World Series. “It’s an easy call to make when it’s about Sean Marks,’’ Cashman told The Post. “We developed a good relationship. … Sean Marks was clearly a graduate of Pop University, a disciple. What an asset, an asset the Nets were smart enough to acquire.’’