Monty Williams Rumors

Durant doesn’t like to admit it, but he is sensitive to negative perceptions, and has had to adjust to criticism from fans in Oklahoma City who once cheered him and others who were disappointed that he decided to form a super team with players who eliminated him from the postseason in a heated seven-game series. “I can’t let anybody steal my joy,” Durant said while crediting the presence of Team USA and former Oklahoma City assistant Monty Williams with developing that approach. “Monty Williams used to tell me that every day: don’t let anybody steal my joy. I get joy when I’m out there playing and it went to another level just playing alongside these great players and playing under Coach K and his staff. I focused on that. All that noise around me kind of quieted down.”
Being back on the bench has reminded Williams how much he loves coaching, and he knows he’ll do it again, even if it can’t be yet. “I’ll just take it one day at a time. I’m not concerned with where I am in my career, just because the Lord’s always taken care of all that,” Williams said. “My kids right now are the priority and I just want to get back home and make sure they’re in a good spot. Obviously working in the NBA is really important to me, but at the same time there’s a few other things that need to happen for me to get back to that point.”
Williams preached forgiveness and compassion for Donaldson and her family during a powerful eulogy at his wife’s funeral. He said that message hasn’t changed, even after the police report later showed that Donaldson was driving 92 mph a second before impact, with drugs in her system and a dog on her lap. “Well, I knew all that stuff,” Williams said. “I knew it way before the public knew about it. So doesn’t change it, but obviously I’m not happy with what happened and how it happened.
“I’ve never had any bitterness toward that lady or that family, I was more disappointed that it was just my wife and that she had to die so early. That was where my disappointment lied. I’ve said this before, I’m a man who has been forgiven much, and a cornerstone of my faith as a Christian is forgiveness. That doesn’t always make it easy, but nonetheless that’s what I have to do.”