Music Rumors

There was a different “Dre” at the Golden State Warriors practice facility on Tuesday, the iconic rapper known as Dr. Dre who was on hand to discuss the ins and outs of the business world with the NBA’s defending champions. But before their meeting began, a session arranged by director of player programs Jonnie West and including legendary record producer Jimmy Iovine, it was Green’s reaction that said everything about the buzz in the building. When asked by a team photographer whether he was willing to pose for a picture with Dr. Dre, Green flashed a huge smile and hollered, “Hell yeah.” As they posed, the shorter Dre said with a grin, “We got anything I can stand on?”
The surprising part of it all? Dre was just as enamored with the players as they were with him. “Of course it is (fun),” Dre, sitting courtside at the Rakuten training facility while Steph Curry and Durant took shots just feet away, told USA TODAY Sports when asked if he was enjoying himself. “These are the champions. I respect a lot of the players on this team. It’s just amazing what they’ve been able to accomplish, and I’ve never been to an NBA practice before. This is the first time. It’s amazing, watching them go through the drills and what have you…”
But he waited until he had the resources and the means to produce an album that featured guest appearances by 2 Chainz and Eric Bellinger. “Just letting it all hang out,” Oladipo told Yahoo Sports. “Doing the music, I just kind of said, ‘It’s whatever.’ I just did it. And put it out, not really worried about what would come from it, what people thought about it, or what result came from it. I just put it out, worked hard on it. And whatever happens, happens. In the game of basketball, you kind of have to go out there and just play. Not worry about anything else and just play. Play the game within the game, play through your mistakes and keep going after it until you get it right. That’s my mentality. And it translates to both.
Sam Presti is a longtime jazz fan while Billy Donovan says he is not familiar with the genre of music. Both, however, have huge respect for superstar brothers Branford and Wynton Marsalis, who have combined to win 12 Grammy awards. Presti said that “nonbasketball learning” is important to the Thunder organization. Presti and Donovan sat with Branford Marsalis hours before he performed with his quartet at the University of Central Oklahoma’s Mitchell Hall Theatre on Sept. 8. Donovan also had a long conversation with Wynton Marsalis this summer. The reason? To pick the jazz legends’ minds about teamwork and philosophy in a jazz band as it relates to basketball.