Mychal Thompson Rumors

Barnes averaged 11.7 points and 4.9 rebounds this season in 66 games this season. the elder Thompson feels Barnes could do more with the Lakers. “I think he’s capable of averaging 18 a game here if the Lakers sign him and brought him here.” Thompson said. “I think he could be more of a featured scorer, maybe a No. 2 option, maybe even a No. 1 on certain nights. He’s capable of putting up in the high-20s. He’s a very good shooter, can get to the basket, very athletic. He just hasn’t been asked to do very much in Golden State, but coming here, he’d be asked to do more, and I think he could.”
Despite the Warriors’ historic 14-0 start, there has been some concern and criticism over the play of Klay Thompson, whose scoring average is down from 21.7 points per game a year ago to 16.2 points per game this year. Don’t tell that to Mychal. “They’re not paying attention, obviously,” Thompson said “Klay is fine. He had that sore back to start the season. That hindered his play some, no doubt about that. But when he’s out there healthy, just because he’s not scoring in the 20s, it doesn’t matter. Steph is on such a roll he has to shoot the ball the way he’s shooting it now. It’s something we’ve never seen before.
“This team is all set to go on a back-to-back run,” Thompson said. “I told Klay and Draymond (Green) this. We were in the Bahamas, hanging out down there celebrating the championship. I said ‘If you guys want to go on a Showtime-like run the way Magic Johnson, Kareem and Worthy did over those eight years all the Warriors have to do is follow the three H’s: No. 1, stay healthy; stay hungry; and stay humble. If they follow those three simple guidelines, this team over the next eight years could win four or five championships, no doubt in my mind.”