Nas Rumors

On the flip side, have you come to appreciate the other players’ music? JJ Redick: The funny thing about it is that I grew up around hip-hop, because basketball and hip-hop are so intertwined in pop culture. I was the only white kid on my teams growing up, and we used to travel all over the country, so I used to be really into hip-hop. I grew up listening to Tupac and Biggie and Nas, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, some independent rappers as well. I used to actually write lyrics and battle-rap in high school, so I can definitely appreciate it. I’m not a huge fan of what’s out right now — I think that’s partly why I don’t listen to it as much. I’ve been a huge Kanye fan and a huge Lil Wayne fan and a huge Rick Ross fan, so when they put an album out I usually get it that day, and I’ll listen to that for a while.