Nate McMillan Rumors

McMillan wants his team, which is full of veterans, to sleep. Unlike former coach Frank Vogel, McMillan has concentrated on the Pacers’ flights and hour-to-hour schedule as much as the five opponents they will face on their West Coast trip. McMillan wants the Pacers to get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible when away from Indianapolis. After their win Wednesday over the Phoenix Suns, the Pacers showered, changed into street clothes and got on team buses. But the buses did not head to the airport for Dallas, site of Friday’s game. The Pacers instead went back to their hotel. They spent half of Thursday in Phoenix and practiced at the Suns’ Talking Stick Resort Arena before flying to Dallas. “When you’re going West Coast to East Coast and vice versa, you have to look at that because it does have an effect on performance,” McMillan said Thursday. “You’ve got to find time to get your rest,” he said. “There are distractions on the road, whether its family or friends or treatment. This is a part of how we train and condition ourselves, both mentally and physically.”