Nate Tibbetts Rumors

Tibbetts and Charlotte assistant Stephen Silas are two of the serious candidates to replace new Lakers coach Luke Walton on the Warriors’ bench next season, league sources said. Tibbetts and Silas traveled to Oklahoma City to meet with Warriors officials on Monday night. Golden State had to expedite the hiring process or risk losing preferred candidates to other teams.
There are NBA assistants who love to be caught on camera piping in authoritatively during a huddle or whispering into a nodding superstar’s ear. That’s not Tibbetts, who’s an understated but vital presence in Portland. The Blazers’ young backcourt praises him for his ability to communicate and provide players with cheat codes — nuanced observations such as opposing players’ tendencies or a play call from the other bench. They also appreciate that he’ll gladly hop in a taxi with them at 3:30 p.m. if they want to get in an early pregame workout at the arena.