NBA 2K Rumors

Cleveland’s talented point guard has been chosen to be on the cover of NBA 2K18, the next edition of the wildly popular video game series enjoyed by fans — and even NBA All-Stars like Irving, who has an uncanny ability to get to the basket and score over taller defenders. Irving said he was both surprised and humbled by the selection. “It’s pretty cool that they even considered me for the cover,” he said over the phone from California as the Cavs prepared to face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. “To be gracing the cover is pretty amazing. I’m glad that I can share it with not only my teammates but the organization, our Cleveland fans and just NBA fans in general.”
Irving sheepishly admits that he plays seemingly “every day,” with very specific rules when playing with friends: Six-minute quarters, no fatigue, a choice of three randomly selected teams (with an option for a fourth random team that you can’t switch from if you aren’t happy with your first three choices) and a five-game series amongst those teams. His “go-to” team? Not his Cavs or the rival Warriors but the Chicago Bulls. “Jimmy Butler is an animal in that game.” “The Cavs and Warriors are almost… they’re one and two,” says Irving. “If it’s not Cavs and Warriors matching up then it’s almost like unfair in 2K.”