Neil Olshey Rumors

At around the 20 minute mark of the podcast, Olshey also talked in detail about the type of deals both Aminu and Ed Davis signed. With both contracts being descending deals meaning the money is front-loaded where the players earn less each year after the first year of the contract. Portland did this because they had to max out Damian Lillard who is on an ascending deal, meaning the money is back-loaded and he will earn more in each year of his deal. The Blazers felt this gave them more balance and flexibility if they want to make trades or sign other players down the road. This portion of the podcast is definitely worth listening in on.
via Oregonian
“I think initially people were kind of caught off guard,” Olshey said of the summer developments. “I think people just assumed we’d be in a position to bring LaMarcus back. It’s my job to kind of look beyond that and do what’s best for the long-term health of the franchise. Our goal was to bring LaMarcus back. We were in the mix. He chose to take his career in another direction. But what we weren’t going to do was compound a negative situation and make it worse by signing long-term contracts and taking away flexibility for a team that, quite honestly, wasn’t going to be good enough. You have to be honest with yourself when you put a team together and you have to understand that was a group that got beat 4-1 in the first round of the playoffs with LaMarcus Aldridge, so it’s not reasonable to assume that that group as constructed, with no cap flexibility to bring in other players was going to be capable of competing at a high enough level to justify giving up a future that can be a lot brighter as long as people understand it’s not going to happen overnight.
“I’m really proud of the last two years, and I think everybody who was involved in that took a lot of pride in that. But this is the NBA and things like that happen. LaMarcus left and other guys had other opportunities. “The way [general manager] Neil [Olshey] has constructed the roster, it’s a strong plan with a lot of young players that have room to grow. I think it’s a plan that is going to be challenging, fun, and very rewarding.”
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