Neil Oshley Rumors

But — maybe for different reasons — Olshey and Demps persevered. And the Clippers not only wound up with Paul, but with Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups to go with DeAndre Jordan and Mo Williams and, of course, Bad Blake. “What I learned about Dell is he’s no pushover,” Olshey said Saturday night. “He’s a pretty creative thinker. He had all kinds of deals going … if you’re going to go do a deal with him, make sure you know what it is you’re exactly after. Because he’s going to do it all the way through.”
“The one positive in all of this is it’s not like it’s your father’s Oldsmobile,” Olshey said. “It’s not like it’s three years ago and we were hijacking a guy to a 19-win team. If we were the team from a year ago, I might have given in. But you can’t tell me, coming in to play with the roster we have, and being a starter, and Chauncey can now play the ball more with the ball out of his hands, we might extend his career two or three years. It was not comfortable, sitting with Chauncey. It was not a comfortable thing. Moving Eric Gordon, our second best player, the confidence we could move him to get Chris had a lot to do with Chauncey being here.”