New Orleans Rumors

DJ Augustin: Let me tell you a quick story about my grandfather. Because of Hurricane Ivan, I think some people underestimated Katrina. The evacuation warnings for Katrina were still “voluntary” until the day before it hit. We almost didn’t leave. Elderly people are the most vulnerable in hurricanes but I guess they can be the most stubborn sometimes. I love my grandfather, but he’s very stubborn. When the news started talking about Katrina, he didn’t want to evacuate because the last time nothing happened with Hurricane Ivan.
New Orleans is small, so everybody in New Orleans knows everybody. I talk to people over the years since Katrina happened, and everybody has different stories of what they heard from different people. My wife, who was my girlfriend then, had a friend die because she was walking through the water, trying to get to higher ground and she fell through a drain in the ground. She drowned. There was stuff like that going on and you never heard about it on the news.
Spurs reserve Kyle Anderson has been named MVP of the 2015 NBA Summer League after averaging 22 points over six games in Las Vegas, and 19.3 in nine games overall. Following his lead, the Spurs are 5-1 in Las Vegas and will play Phoenix on Monday for the championship. The Spurs previously went 1-2 in the Utah Summer League. Anderson, who is also averaging 5.8 rebounds and 1.3 steals in Las Vegas, was also named first-team All Summer League, joining Seth Curry of New Orleans, Chicago’s Doug McDermott, Norman Powell of Toronto and Phoenix’s T.J. Warren.